Assertion’s SBC Security Bot is a visibility platform that brings to light security incidents on your SBCs in real time, enabling you to take corrective action instantly..


What's So Good About Us

With Assertion, you can build and maintain a solid Cyber Security Posture.

  • Based on NIST CSF (800-53), providing a complete and well balanced security posture
  • ToD reports to catch gaps in security design - CIS benchmark documents, MITRE ATT&CK maps & Compliance maps
  • Reports and Dashboards for CISO, SOC teams, compliance staff, and business owners

Your risk exposure

Key risks:

  • Toll fraud​
  • Media snooping / tampering​
  • Confidential data leak​
  • Reputational damage

Threat Actors:

  • External hackers​
  • Lateral attacks​
  • Internal threat /  rogue employees​
  • Third party "vendor" risk​

Security is an every-changing landscape

  • SBC software
  • Platform and OS
  • Configuration
  • Changes in business use-cases
  • New threats / vulnerabilities
  • Updated security standards / regulations

Assertion's Value Proposition

  • Secure
    SBC with industry strength controls (NIST CSF)
  • Enforce
    Oracle recommended security guidelines (consistent security profile across SBCs)
  • Integrate
    SBC security into SOC / CISO org with security focused reporting
  • Prevent
    Lateral, Insider and other threats, by adopting a zero-trust, defense in depth model
  • Detect
    Any attack (zero-day) and alert in real time
  • Ensure
    Configuration compliance & Compliance to global regulations

Preventive Control Areas

General Security

  • Software version and critical patches
  • SSH cipher
  • Management interface TLS security
  • Session timeouts
  • Secure web access

SIP Signalling and Media Security

  • Session constraints
  • TLS profile parameters
  • SIP interface settings
  • SDES profile parameters
  • Media security policy
  • Certificate security - keysize, digest algorithm, trusted CAs

Detective Control Areas


  • Demotion to Deny
  • Demotion to untrusted
  • Repeated demotion to untrusted

Early DDOS detection

  • Detection patterns trigger dynamic CAC for demotion
  • Detect Invite flood rejections
  • Detect Malformed message floods
  • Unexpected traffic patterns in Registrations, Invites, Errors, etc.

Internal attack detection

  • Admin login attempt pattern detection
  • Data access attempt pattern detection
  • Login failures on console and SSH

Solution Engagement Model

  • Config compliance
    All your SBCs config inline with your corporate standard
  • OEM recommended security
    Every SBC now configured as per Oracle recommendation for high security
  • AI powered Real-time security
    Threat dashboards & notifications when intrusions or anomalies are detected

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