Assertion’s OSP Compliance solution frees you from the uncertainty and anxiety of OSP compliance – our OSP Bot automates OSP checks, our field services handle your filings and registrations, and our expert consulting makes sure that you always have the best OSP advice when you need it.


What's So Good About Us

Automate and stay safe

Our OSP Bot is the first OSP compliance automation software in the world – once installed and configured, OSP Bot makes sure that your systems are regularly and automatically checked for compliance violations. Stop depending on ad-hoc checks; with OSP Bot, your systems undergo more than 2000 tests within minutes, making sure you are comprehensively de-risked.

We help you get OSP-compliant in minutes, risk-free

Staying compliant with India’s Department of Telecom Toll Bypass norms for Other Service Providers can be a challenge. With multiple locations, both internationally and in India, serving customers across the world and domestically in India, are you sure you are fully compliant with all OSP norms?

We have looked deep and hard at the regulations and provide a full service solution, including software and services – that make sure that you are fully compliant with OSP norms, at all times. If you are concerned about OSP compliance, it’s time to stop worrying.

Get to Zero-Error, then stay there

Our OSP Bot automation software regularly scans your PBX systems and makes sure that they are configured to be fully compliant at all times. With email and SMS-based alerts to notify you of non-compliances, you can be sure that you will always be on top of your OSP compliance game.

Our experts work with your teams to make sure that your systems are “zero-error” on OSP compliance. And then our support teams monitor your systems to make sure they remain in zero error. And if you are planning to change your configurations or architecture, our experts step in to make sure that zero-error is maintained. Supporting you fully, end to end.

Hassle-free paperwork filings!

Making sure that all filings for OSP norms are done on time, according to provided statute, can be a challenge, especially because the regulations have plenty of grey areas. Our filing services take complete ownership of your OSP paperwork and filings, and make sure that all regular filings are done in time. Alongside, we also keep in touch with you and make sure that we track all changes that would need ad-hoc filings to be done, making sure that DoT always has the right information, simplifying and speeding up any inspections that take place. No more filing headaches.

Why OSP Compliance Matters

DoT can:

  • Shutter OSP operations
  • Impose penalties
  • Claim bank guarantees
  • Ask for retrospective lost revenues
  • Cancel registration

Leading to:

  • Operational headaches
  • Financial losses
  • Loss of reputation
  • Business continuity impact

How we automate OSP Compliance

Assertion OSP Bot is a software that enables you to monitor the OSP compliance of multiple voice infrastructure systems from a single window.

It is an agent-less (no client software) product that periodically pulls configuration data from required voice infrastructure components. With secure connectors to integrate with any number of products and application, OSP Bot gives you a single window view of your compliance state, with dashboards and reports.

The tamper-proof historical reports also provide an evidence trail of compliance to organizational and regulatory policies.


Client Feedback

See what some of our loyal customers have to say about our company. We take great pride in ensuring the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

The insurance scheme is perfect!

The Assertion OSP Compliance solution has made sure that I can focus on other compliance concerns – they are handling all DoT paperwork, and the automation product has made sure we are compliant with all norms. The insurance scheme is perfect – it protects my organization from the risk of non-compliance… a well-thought out solution.

We really appreciate your efforts!

We really appreciate your efforts! Satyam and Sreekanth (ASSERTION) as a team provided continued guidance to us and joined numerous calls to drive this (automated compliance) for our client.

Solution Engagement Model


Our unparalleled expertise in the legal and procedural aspects of OSP compliance ensures that we can guide you on how the OSP regulations are applied in the real world and how the registration and licensing process works.

We use our proprietary 3-point model to assess your OSP posture –

  • we use more than 2000 test results per site, collected through our OSP Bot software,
  • we add the state of filings, registrations, and amendments,
  • we use industry data for benchmarking.

This is an industry-leading model for assessing your OSP health.

Management Insights reports

Our management insights reports provide you with the high level view you need in order to understand your OSP posture, with key actionables and impacts highlighted.

Administrative Reports

Key information, with remediation hints, are available to your IT and voice Infrastructure teams, so that they can quickly track down and fix non-compliances. 

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