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Security and Compliance are two sides of the same coin.

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Join us at the customer experience theatre to know how your peers are using automation and deep tech to solve both these problems with one stroke.

Securing cloud & onPrem collab systems - lessons from the field

Tuesday, 22 January at 1:55PM
Collaboration systems are as prone to an attack as any other business critical infrastructure, esp on cloud. With converged business infrastructure, a hack on your collaboration systems can cause a grave risk to the entire business - exposing you to financial loses, regulatory backlash and reputation damage. But, collab systems continue to remain as black boxes with very limited security coverage in most organisations. The session will provide insights from the field into the top security breaches, the attack pattern employed and how to build your defenses without re-inventing the wheel.
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Sreekanth Nemani

Product Management Director, ASSERTION
Sreekanth is the Product management director and Lead Business Architect at Assertion. He is an expert on collaboration solutions, and an SME for multiple regulations including GDPR and PCI. He provides expert consulting, compliance assessments including gap analysis and remediation design services. He has more than 15 years of experience in enterprise architecture. Sreekanth is also a prolific inventor and has 5 patents filed in his name.

Collaboration security & compliance in an AI world

Wednesday, 23 January at 2:40PM
How is the digital risk landscape changing with adoption of Connected, Intelligent and Autonomous devices? With the regulatory environment moving towards supra-legal and outcome based regulations, how should a business adapt to stay ahead of the game? The session will provide a view into the security and compliance processes in the near future - impact of running ML on unstructured data, evolution of self-learning controls and predictive assessments through role-playing of regulatory changes.
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Srinivasan Narayanan

Srini is the Founder and CEO at Assertion, providing strategic direction and vision to the organisation. He is a Subject Matter Expert on telecommunication networks, data privacy, security and compliance and a prolific inventor with over 10 patents. He has more than 16 years of experience in consulting sales, solution design and architecture, research & development for global multinational organisations.