Business centric security
for your enterprise.

Bringing application knowledge into security, we identify weaknesses by comprehensive surveillance across your enterprise and cloud applications.
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Introducing Cloud Application Security

Birth of Assertion 2.0

Cloud adoption is growing. Cloud hacks are growing too. Data leaks, insider threats, and sponsored attacks.

You've got cloud apps - email, CRM, HRMS, collaboration, so cool! Platform security is no longer your headache. But, what about the business data these apps store, exchange and process? How do you protect the data wherever it goes? Who gets to see it? Is it leaking?

If the above worries you, test drive Business Secure from Assertion.

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Assertion 2.0 - AI powered, application security

Digital transformation is bringing Connected, Intelligent and Autonomous tech, and along with it new risks. Hence the need to contain technology risk.

Data is your new oil, only if you handle it well. We look at systems not just as compute-store-io, but for what it means to your business. Business apps don't work as silos, but are integrated. So, we take a solution approach to data security.

Assertion's Business Secure builds on our existing strengths. It marries domain knowledge and security principles, giving you security that really matters.
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Is your collaboration system a black box?


Mini-size your attack surface

Assertion secures your collaboration (UC/CC) systems from cyber risks. Enforcing the right set of controls and monitoring them continually brings down risk to acceptable levels.

Simplify security & compliance assessments

But, security & compliance needs thoroughness. Our bots scan your systems in real time ensuring continuous improvement in your security and compliance posture. Out-of-the-box reports to GDPR, PCI, HIPAA and OSP makes compliance a breeze!

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Leveraging Assertion means we can move our business model from reactive point in time controls, to proactive, continuous and anytime, embedding compliance automation certification to security configurations with the click of a button.

Head of Real time communications,
a global Top 30 bank

It is very promising and a good experience to analyse Avaya voice systems in seconds against the compliance standards across various layers. The same assessment used to take 3-4 hours per system manually. We are hoping to expand this system across all voice products in the bank.

Head of Compliance,
a global Top 30 bank

Platform - Secure. Modular. Smart.

Single platform for all your control assessments

The system grows with you, supporting your future needs with the ability to plug-in additional bots, connectors and reports. The AI engine learns & predicts issues before they become real, helping you stay ahead of the game.
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Meet our team

Srinivasan Narayanan

Founder, CEO

Pradeep Vasudev

Co-founder, COO

Sreekanth Nemani

Product Management Director