Fit-for-Purpose Application Security Offering

Assertion offers a single pane of glass to manage application security of all your collab apps with a special focus on protecting communication perimeter like Session Border Controller (SBCs)

Protect Remote Worker

Ensure protection of remote worker communication lines from being hacked

Avoid Toll Fraud

Provide a safety net for your phone network and avoid losses of upto $12Bn

Prevent Cyberattacks

Prevent and detect breaches and get protection from service disrupting attacks

Detect Data Leaks

Get alerts for PII theft, eavesdropping, MITM attacks and data leaks

Align with Standards

Get all your collaboration applications under CISO governance framework

Be Compliant

Ensure complete compliance to the relevant local and global telecom and security rules

Get Extensive Coverage

Cover top 5 SBC vendors representing 60% of the SBC market

Leverage Expertise

Get products backed by experts with 20 patents and 200+ years of cumulative experience

Leverage the power of reports to build a robust, secure infrastructure

Ace Your Collab Security Game!

According to an IBM study, the average time to identify a breach in 2019 was 206 days. Additionally, 56% of US professionals aren’t aware of the exact steps to take in case of a data breach. Imagine the kind of business impact it can have!

  • 20 minutes is all it takes for an SBC to get hacked after it goes online
  • The average cost of a data breach globally was $7.9Mn in 2018
  • The cumulative loss of toll frauds globally was $28Bn in 2018
  • 50% of attacks on SMEs are successful
  • We, at Assertion, believe in the power of deep-dive reports which go a long way in enabling you to build a robust, secure infrastructure
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Scanning your SBC with Assertion is super simple, quick and absolutely free. Some very basic information is all that you need to get a free summary report which comes equipped with rich insights around threat visibility, multiple attack vectors and attack origination. The reports also have powerful threat detection capabilities and cover 6 breach signatures, 20 attack signatures and 2 data leak signatures, thereby ensuring to give you a holistic picture of your security posture.

For a small additional fee, you can get the detailed report which is peppered with useful, specific tips and top-rated best practices to guide you in the right direction to fix the important issues and move to a higher state of security. Do check out the sample reports below. Also, feel free to watch the demo video where our product expert takes you through the scan and the reports.

Summary Report Sample Detailed Report Sample
Scanning your SBC is easy

Multiple Options To Suit Your Varied Needs

Get a periodic security check-up of your collaboration systems to identify all the security loop holes with our starter plan. If you are looking for a more sophisticated, holistic solution, we offer a professional plan too. Take your pick!

Pay-as-you-go Plan

  • Summary report -
  • Security features:
    • Summary Report
    • Detailed report* with security insights, evidence trail and remediation tips
    • Always up-to-date threat Intel

Per SBC: Contact your Partner for Pricing
Start with a Free Scan

Professional plan

  • Summary report -
  • Security features:
    • Summary report
    • Detailed report with security insights, evidence trail and remediation tips
    • Always up-to-date threat Intel
    • Security monitoring with automated scheduled scans*
    • Unlimited detailed reports
    • Delta and Trend Security analysis
    • Weekly SBC security readout email
Per SBC, yearly commitment: Contact your Partner for Pricing
Start with a Free SCan
*Currently supporting up to once a day. For real-time security, please upgrade to CollabSecure.
Security AMC is an additional service offered by partners to remediate the issues to keep your SBC in top security posture.​ ​
Other optional add-ons our partners offer include Proactive monitoring, Periodic scanning and a Customer success manager.

Rustle Up Some Collab Security Magic for Clients

Want to be on the cusp of collab security innovation and help your customers move to an enhanced world of security? We would love to collaboratively create winning solutions for your clients.

Partner with Us
Scan your SBC to get a deep dive into threats

A Free Scan. A Great Start

Experience the first and only purpose-built SBC scanner, by Assertion. Just scan your system, get a deep dive into all the past attacks/present threats and be armed with all the information to strengthen your SBC.

  • Detect data leaks: Man-in-the-middle attacks, eavesdropping
  • Identify data breaches and get attack visibility: Threat origination, detailed analytics
  • Discover security holes: Security blind spots, threat prevention tips
  • Get comprehensive compliance reports: Adherence to PCI, ISO27001 & SOC2 standards
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Happy Customers and Partners

The scan, which comes equipped with deep insights, relevant data and actionable tips, is a must try!

Make OSP Compliance Simple, Smooth, and Automated

Assertion’s OSP Compliance solution is the world’s first compliance software that automates regular OSP checks and additionally, helps you handle filings & registrations seamlessly.

India - OSP

Frequently Asked Questions

Scanning your communication perimeter with Assertion is easy, quick and completely safe. We have tried to answer some key questions regarding our product, the scanning process, privacy considerations etc.

Isn’t security already covered by my existing managed services partner? Why do I need to do this scan?
Most services contracts do not cover ownership of application security. Data leaks and hacks to your SBC are your responsibility. In most countries / industries, regulatory compliance is a non-transferable responsibility. Therefore, while your managed services partner makes the best effort to keep your infrastructure in top shape, security is most likely your ownership and responsibility.
How long does a scan take?
The time taken to scan depends on the complexity of the setup. 20 mins to an hour is a ballpark average. But, do not worry, you can start the scan and get to other work. Once the scan completes, we will notify you of the same.
Why is SBC security scan required?
SBC is a voice firewall, a perimeter device. Since it is susceptible to attacks at any time, SBC needs strong security. Real-time always-on security is the best to know instantly when an attack happens.
How have other companies benefited from the scan?
Yes! Many customers of Avaya, Avaya itself and many of Avaya’s partners have used and loved the scan.
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